Garden Center

Nepal Garden Center which will be known in the long run as Gathu Keba as a unit which will preserve endemic plants and trees of Nepal using historical references and oral traditions needed all year for our rituals and ceremonies. The centre will have a long-term positive impact on biodiversity and land recovery for our surrounding communities.

As part of our contribution to fighting climate change, the Garden Center will provide services, plants, and space to those individuals and organizations who want to attain zero carbon status through carbon sequestration. The service includes carbon footprint calculations, a nursery with choices of trees, a plantation and regular reporting.

As our preliminary work, we have been able to plant trees at our project site since 2018 with a little makeshift nursery of bamboo saplings at present.

Construction work of Heritage Zone

25 ropani allocated for the Heritage Zone is now under construction with the supervision of our president Mr Rajendra Shakya.

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