Heritage Zone

The Nepal Art Village will have 4 very distinct areas by function. The first will be a core heritage area where we shall display the best our artists can design and craft. This will be the main area that will draw visitors and be able to enjoy the best Nepali artists have to offer which will be known as the Heritage Zone. 

Kathmandu Valley has more than 2200 monuments with 7 World Heritage Sites in an area of 157 square kilometres and we plan to add one more with residents

As the main attraction, there will be a 72X58X21 feet tall Bhairav mask, the centre of this entity along with the place to perform rituals for the deity and a museum to name a few.


Commercial Zone

To make it livable, bankable and sustainably managed, we will have a marketplace before entering our heritage entity.

This marketplace will have a Falcha cafe, restaurant, conference hall, tented camp, amphitheatre, souvenir shop and bhairab drishti just to name a few.

Residential Zone

Friends and families along with the artists will have space not only to create their work but also to reside as well at our Residential Zone. These residential areas will have private houses, assisted living, homestay facilities, commercial and shopping centres. The structures will be in harmony and renewable energy will be adopted to reduce carbon footprints.


There will be state-of-the-art workshops for artists who create large structures for their clients here and abroad. These objects need water, electricity and gas 24 hours a day to produce them on time with quality work. These will be built as manufacturing areas for hire with modern facilities with zero carbon principles. It will also have a training centre, handicraft emporium and cafe as well.

NAV Garden Center

In addition to the above zones, GREEN ENTITY  will be introduced in the form of nature trails, bicycle trails, parks, herbs and vegetable gardens, among the above-mentioned zones. NAV Garden Center will be part of this Green Entity as a unit to preserve biodiversity to attain zero carbon status through carbon sequestration.

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